1. sleep > nutrition > exercise > relationships > etc.
  2. clarify stuff ad naseum.
  3. if your outlook feels stale/boring read something new.
  4. hydrate.
  5. freedom/flexibility require discipline.
  6. pointing-and-calling works for a lot of stuff.
  7. you can get good at just about anything — choose appropriately.
  8. everything anyone experiences is bounded by being human/an animal.
  9. time flies increasingly fast.
  10. what are you avoiding? why?
  11. was this energizing? why?
  12. ask for what you want clearly.
  13. dumb questions make you less dumb.
  14. form an understanding before you form an opinion.
  15. if you don’t have something constructive to say, don’t say it.
  16. strive for orderliness.
  17. are you projecting?
  18. tell people what you like about them.
  19. getting worked up about stuff is a waste of time.
  20. a cold shower is a reset.
  21. run long distances.
  22. making things happen is fun.
  23. change the channel (reality) whenever you want.
  24. control spending.
  25. when in doubt say hi
  26. call home often.
  27. death is the only sure thing.
  28. it’s not a meal without vegetables and fruits.
  29. self-belief goes a long way.
  30. if you can feel your heartbeat, you’re on the right track.
  31. err on the side of appreciation.