Writing Every Day

I wrote at least 750 words every day for about a month. It was a fun challenge towards building a writing habit. It used to take me forever to write anything, because I felt the words needed to be right the first time.

So when I picked this daily writing thing, I thought I'd try something new. I'd write first as much as I can, and as fast as I can. It didn't matter what I wrote about, or how long it took, or even if I had to make any sense. I focused only on meeting the word count target.

Some days I used speech-to-text on my phone, and on some days I typed up a stream of consciousness as fast as I could. Since I had no content constraints, there was no friction to get started. I wrote first drafts to figure out avenues to explore. And then dive deep on something later.

That's how some of these blog posts came to be. Even though the first drafts were word salad, there was a natural progression into some order. By writing quick, I could lay the groundwork for the real task: re-writing. Reflecting and editing bring out what I wanted to say with a lot more precision.

When I was got started with the challenge, quantity of content was the only goal. Now I have some experience to make improvements to the writing process. Small tweaks can improve quality in the long run e.g. writing on a schedule, or picking a thematic focus per session. Regardless, I want to spend more time writing than thinking about writing well.